WHY is mold suddenly an issue?
Actually, mold problems and solutions were documented more than 3000 years ago in the Book of Leviticus of the Old Testament. Today scientists suspect that the 'curse' of the tombs in ancient Egypt can be attributed to mold spores. Some even suspect that ingesting mold-contaminated food caused the dementia of persons suspected to be witches in Salem, Massachusetts nearly 400 years ago.

Paper houses!
There are two reasons mold is more prevalent today: Construction materials, especially drywall, carpet, paints and wallpapers now contain more cellulose, the perfect substrate for mold growth. Not one of the three little piggies was dumb enough to build a house out of paper!

Compounding the problem, tighter building designs evolved from the energy crisis of the 70s, resulting in buildings that are not properly ventilated and do not ‘breathe.’ Contaminated air is continually recycled and confined spaces result in a perfect environment for mold growth.










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